Hybrid operation in any kind of existing vessel design

Depending on the desired operating mode and the required propulsive power, SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE-E activates the appropriate power source or both together. The engines and motors are operated efficiently in their optimal load ranges, thereby cutting fuel consumption and emissions. SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE-E allows any configuration of the three separately positioned power intakes, thus enabling the hybrid drive system to be integrated into existing vessel designs. SYDRIVE-E does not require design modifications.


Easy and purely mechanic hybrid drive system

SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE-M is a new variable and purely mechanical hybrid propulsion system with no need for any costly additional electronical components or an additional gear box. The new concept is based on the recent SCHOTTEL Y-Hybrid thruster technology and connects a port and starboard mounted azimuth thruster in a vessel with each other. They can be driven together by only one of the main engines.

Your SYDRIVE options

SYDRIVE-E: Advantages at a glance

  • Hybridization of SCHOTTEL azimuth thrusters between 400 – 2,600 kW in all different vessel types
  • Three power intake positions allow an installation angle of ± 90° or ± 135° for two power sources
  • Possible retrofitting of existing vessels with SCHOTTEL azimuth thrusters
  • SCHOTTEL quality and experience, high availability

SYDRIVE-M: Advantages at a glance

  • Easy and purely mechanic system without additional electric components
  • No change in vessel design necessary
  • Reduced operating hours of main engines = reduced maintenance costs
  • Less fuel consumption and less emissions
  • Suitable for new builds and retrofits
  • Available for SCHOTTEL SRP and SRE
  • SCHOTTEL quality and experience, high availability

Why is it called SYDRIVE-E?

The hybrid upper gear module offers three power intake positions resulting in an arrangement that resembles the letter “Y”. The SCHOTTEL "S" together with the “Y” power intake positions result in SYDRIVE-E.

Light Operation or Free Sailing Mode

In this synchronized Light Operation Mode, one of the two main propulsion engines remains alternating off. This leads to a noticeable reduction of operating hours of the main propulsion engines, and thus to a reduction of maintenance costs. In addition, the single running main engine remaining in operation is now better loaded by two thrusters and operates in a better specific fuel consumption range, leading to less fuel consumption and emissions.

Full Thrust Operation Mode

For short operation times when full propulsion power is needed, the connection between the two thrusters is disengaged and each engine is engaged to each thruster. The system is now identical to any other directly driven propulsion system.


For any directly driven vessel the new SYDRIVE-M system provides a solution to enable fire-fighting operation with no need of an additional investment in components like medium or heavy duty slipping clutches, CP propellers or dedicated engines to supply power to a FiFi-pump. For the SYDRIVE-M FiFi-mode, the disengaged main engine is used to drive the FiFi-pump through its front PTO.

More specific information on SYDRIVE‑M

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